Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals is a California-based pre-clinical stage company, developing a novel class of antimicrobial compounds for the treatment of severe bacterial infections.  Bioxiness compounds are new chemical class (NCC) developed towards critical target-enzymes within the pathogenic bacterial cells.  These molecules employ unique mode of antimicrobial actions.



Medical Dilemma

Currently, there is a great need for new antibiotics.  Aside from safety concerns associated with most antibiotics, bacterial resistance to antibiotics has increased over the past decades.  This issue has become a significant medical dilemma and has reached the point where almost every human bacterial pathogen has acquired resistance to at least one class of antibiotic in clinical use.  Additionally, in the past 40 years, there have been only 2 new classes of antibiotics introduced to the market.  Most developments have been based on chemical modifications of existing antibiotic classes.  The dramatic rise in antibiotic resistance poses a serious threat to public health in a worldwide dimension.  This situation is driving the need for discovery of novel antibiotics.