August 12, 2011:  Bioxiness's patent is published in the U.S.


The patent application of Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals for its Novel antimicrobial compounds has been published in the U.S. as of August 11, 2011.  You can use the web link to view Bioxiness' published patent.  We are grateful to Bioxiness' attorneys at Morrison & Foerster for their guidance and support.


Additionally, Bioxiness' intelectual property has moved from Patent Cooperation treaty (PCT) stage to national stage in multiple countries.  (WO/2010/014943) METHIONINE ANALOGS AND METHODS OF USING SAME.




March 27, 2011:  Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals' presentation at the American Chemical Society's  2011 Exposition


Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals' first abstract (R. Gless and M. Bassiri) has been accepted by the American Chemical Society (ACS) as a poster presentation for ACM's 241st Meeting and Exposition held in Anaheim, CA.  Dr. Richard Gless and Dr. Mansour Bassiri presented the poster to a varied audience of scientists.  You can read the abstract of Bioxiness' poster at this web link.


Bioxiness team is excited about this news and looks forward to much greater scientific and business accomplishments.




October 3, 2010:  Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals receives QTDP government grant


Bioxiness’ application for the federally funded “Qualified Therapeutic Discovery Program” (QTDP) grant has been approved.

QTDP has been established as a stimulus grant for companies in the pharmaceutical industry.  Applicants had to document working on a significant therapeutic area as well as demostrating potential for job creation.

We are pleased to share this news with the community.