Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals has assembled a prestigious and high caliber cadre of business, scientists and biomedical opinion leaders from academia, government, and industry. These individuals will guide Bioxiness' scientific activities as well as provide a faster roadmap in its drug discovery cycle.

Business / Regulatory Advisors

Clint H. Severson: Member of the Bioxiness Board of Directors. Mr. Severson is a biotech executive with a proven track record. He is currently the CEO of Abaxis, Inc., a publicly traded biotechnology company. He has worked for established companies such as Dow Chemical, Syntex Pharmaceuticals and 3M. Furthermore, he has held leadership roles in developmental stage companies which he led to profitability: Axonics (VP sales, acquired by 3M), Mast Immunosystems (CEO, acquired by Hitachi), Abaxis (public company). Mr. Severson spent 6 years in the Army Reserves and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Minot State University. Mr. Severson was on the cover of Forbes Magazine as the 2007 Entrepreneur Of The Year while leading Abaxis, Inc. to a rank of 11 of 200 Best Small Companies as voted by Forbes Magazine. Additionally, Mr. Severson was inducted into the Scandinavian-American Hall of Fame in 2008. Mr. Severson LinkedIn Bio


Matt Gardner:  Business Advisor. Mr. Gardner is Co-Founder and Director of Cornerstone Integrated Solutions, a life science advisory firm. Previously, Mr. Gardner was a Managing Director and co-chair of the life science practice for MSL, a Publicis Groupe company. As a past President and CEO of BayBio, Mr. Gardner advised hundreds of management teams in the life science industry on corporate strategy, public affairs and management issues. He has authored award-winning campaigns and has been a frequent advisor to other regions, states and nations on economic growth and innovation. Additionally, Mr. Gardner served as founder and chair of the life science advisory boards to two members of the United States Congress. Mr. Gardner received his MA in history from University of San Diego. Mr. Gardner LinkedIn Bio

James E. Schrager, Ph.D.: Business Advisor. Dr. Schrager is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He was named one of the top twelve teachers of entrepreneurship in the United States byBusinessWeek. Dr. Schrager has published multiple articles and is frequently quoted in the press and media as an expert commentator on business strategy. As part of numerous accomplishments, he was responsible for the successful execution of the first private U.S. company to go public in Japan. Dr. Schrager received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. Professor Schrager Web Link

Albert T. Sheldon, Jr., Ph.D.: Regulatory Advisor. Dr. Sheldon has spent 32 years at FDA in the anti-infective arena, majority of which in leadership roles. In the last 17 years of his tenure at FDA, Dr. Sheldon was the Principal Advisor to the Division Director for planning and evaluating program activities in microbiology, and in particular dealing with complex issues with antibiotics and antiseptics. Additionally in that capacity, he led and served on task forces developing policy and guidance. Dr. Sheldon received his Ph.D. in microbiology from George Washington University. Dr. Sheldon LinkedIn Bio

Scientific / Clinical Advisors and Consultants

Paul Luciw, Ph.D.: Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Luciw is currently Professor at the Center for Comparative Medicine and the Department of Pathology at the U.C. Davis School of Medicine.  He has written over 200 papers on infectious diseases and animal model research and has 19 published patents.  Additionally he is the Director of the Clinical Proteomics Core at U.C. Davis.  Previously, Dr. Luciw was a senior scientist and one of the initial senior researchers at a prominent Bay Area biotechnology company.  His area of research includes mechanisms of viral pathogenesis, vaccination against infectious agents, clinical/translational research and novel detection technology in emerging infectious diseases.  Dr. Luciw received his BA and Ph.D. in Microbiology from Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively and conducted his post-doctoral training at U.C. San Francisco. Dr. Luciw Web Link

Bruce N. Ames, Ph.D.: Scientific Advisor. Dr. Ames is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California, Berkeley, and a Senior Scientist at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI). He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and he was on their Commission on Life Sciences. He was a member of the board of directors of the National Cancer Institute, the National Cancer Advisory Board, from 1976 to 1982. He was the recipient of the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation Prize (1983), the Tyler Environmental Prize (1985), the Gold Medal Award of the American Institute of Chemists (1991), the Glenn Foundation Award of the Gerontological Society of America (1992), the Lovelace Institutes Award for Excellence in Environmental Health Research (1995), the Honda Prize of the Honda Foundation, Japan (1996), the Japan Prize, (1997), the Kehoe Award, American College of Occup. and Environ. Med. (1997), the Medal of the City of Paris (1998), the U.S. National Medal of Science (1998), The Linus Pauling Institute Prize for Health Research (2001), and the American Society for Microbiology Lifetime Achievement Award (2001). His over 450 publications have resulted in his being among the few hundred most-cited scientists (in all fields). Dr. Ames Web Link

John Hershey, Ph.D.: Scientific Advisor. Dr. Hershey is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at University of California, Davis. Previously, he was the Chairman of the Department of Biological Chemistry at U.C. Davis School of Medicine. Dr. Hershey has over 200 scientific publications covering a diverse range of topics in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics. Dr. Hershey received his Ph.D. from Rockefeller University in New York. Dr. Hershey Web Link


Hiroshi Nikaido, M.D.: Scientific Consultant. Professor of Emeritus of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology, U. C. Berkeley. Research expertise include the specific and non-specific channel-forming proteins of the outer membrane, the diffusion of lipophilic compounds (inhibitors and antibiotics) as well as the mechanism and regulation of multidrug efflux transport systems that pump out an incredibly wide range of compounds from bacterial cells. Dr. Nikaido has received the 14th annual Bristol-Myers Squibb "Freedom to Discover" Award for Distinguished Achievement in Infectious Diseases Research.  Dr. Nikaido Web Link

Martin C. Robson, M.D.: Clinical Advisor. Dr. Robson is Professor Emeritus, Department of Surgery, University of South Florida and Director of Institute for Tissue Regeneration, Repair and Rehabilitation in Florida. Previously Dr. Robson was Associate Professor of Surgery at Yale University and Professor of Surgery, Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, and various faculty positions at University of Texas. Dr. Robson has lectured at many other prominent medical schools around the world including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Sydney University and Tokyo Women's College of Medicine. Dr. Robson has been a president of Wound Healing Society. He is the recipient of numerous awards, has over 600 articles in peer reviewed journals, and has publication numerous books and book chapters. In particular, Dr. Robson is one of three recipients (the only honoree from outside the U.K.) to be awarded an honorary fellowship in the Royal College of Surgeons of England in July 2002. Dr. Robson received his M.D. from Johns Hopkins University.

Michael Syvanen, Ph.D.: Scientific Advisor. Dr. Syvanen is a Professor of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at University of California, Davis. Dr. Syvanen served as an associate professor at the Harvard School of Medicine prior to joining UC Davis School of Medicine. Dr. Syvanen's research expertise is in the area of bacterial genetics and mechanism of antibiotic resistance. Dr. Syvanen received his Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in biochemistry. Dr. Syvanen Web Link